The Little Donkey (Hard Copy)




Barbara Hancock Passed during the year of 2019, at the age of 86. Upon the passing of my mom, my brother TIm and one of my mom’s friends Suzanne found this little gem of a book she had written with the beautiful sketches found at the back of this book, please feel free to color them in. I personally did not know she had written this book or that she was an artist. So, when seeing this and reading it, I felt compelled to put this book into a professional art form so the world could enjoy it.

Barb was active in the Methodist Church in Loveland, CO and raised tow children and helped raise two grandchildren. She and her husband Jack traveled to 27 different countries before he passed in 2009.

She will be remembered by her positive outlook on life and her love for her dogs. The above photo is of her and her second service dog Barclay, and the second photo is when she was 2-3 years old.

Please pass this onto animal lovers, Jesus believers and caregivers of all sorts.

Author: Barbara Hancock

Editor in Chief: Keith Hancock

Water Colors: Dustin Eli

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